Aanandho Brahma - Telugu

This event is organised by  ‘Aanandho  Brahma US’(Enjoyment Science Academy)  in association with ‘Spiritual Tablets’.   This is the platform where artists specialized in various art forms and belonging to showcase their talent. Please drop an email to below id for more details:

Email id – artsecstasy1@gmail.com

Timings – May 26th 4PM- 6PM CST

Aanandho Brahma - Telugu

This event is organised every Saturday by  ‘Aanandho  Brahma’(Enjoyment Science Academy)  in association with SuDarshini Academy of Music & Soul Science.     Sessions are taken basing on the main theme that music flows from within, beyond any barriers and through sādhana everyone can activate the state of Soul level singing. This is a live event on Aanandho Brahma Telugu YouTube Channel. Anyone who are interested in singing or learning music can join these sessions.

Timings – Every Saturday 10:00 – 11:00 AM