Spiritual intellect is the root -

Physical health is the fruit


Spread awareness about the importance of vegetarianism and the spiritual principles of life.

Empower every human to lead a healthy life, free of challenges, applying spiritual tablets wisdom capsules at body, mind and soul levels.


The spiritual tablet research foundation aims to educate, advocate, impart spiritual wisdom. Further, apply this spiritual wisdom based on spiritual tablets and thus eradicate the root cause of people’s problems at all levels.

Global Mission by 2022

  1. Spiritual Tablet health care services will touch over 5000 lives.
  2. Spread awareness of Spiritual Tablets services to over 2,00,000 people.
  3. Increase the number of spiritual health counsellors to over 300.
  4. Spread our footprint to 25 countries.

Spiritual Tablets Framework (STF)

The pillars of healing in the Spiritual Health Care System lies in integrating the following

  1. Individual ignorance lies at the root of all suffering. Wisdom encapsulated as the Spiritual Tablets helps minimize and eliminate the same.
  2. Quantum Physics defines us as a combination of Energy, Frequency, Information and Matter.
  3. Emotions = Energy in Motion. (Motion involves Frequency)
  4. Lowering of Frequencies is a manifestation of Disease and Discomfort.
  5. We create our own reality through our Thoughts.
  6. It is important to lead a balanced lifestyle aligned to our “Purpose of Life”

Thus health = effective management of the above pillars. As we go through our life phases, we encounter challenges. The spiritual health care system empowers us with wisdom capsules that stitches the above pillars with the power of Meditation to lead a smooth & happy life journey.

Dr. Gopala Krishna


“Dr. Gopala Krishna” is a medical doctor who started his journey of spiritual science in search of happiness and the truth, under the guidance of “Brahmarshi Patriji” and specially trained by grand master “Paul Vijay Kumar”. In this journey he got enlightened and realized that “Spiritual intellect is the root – physical health is the fruit”. He started sharing the same with his patients who approached him for medical treatment. As a part of this, he established spiritual health care centers and maintained them for ten years in different parts of India, also offered esteemed spiritual services as an ancillary to qualified treatment with the help of senior masters who are trained by him. Eventually, he strongly advocated the realisation of holistic health through meditation in addition to medication.


The association with Brahmashri Partriji, the 18 principles of pyramid Spiritual society moment and the experiences of mediation, particularly the “observation of our breath”, led to the formation of 12 spiritual tablets.

Continuation of Dr Gk’s spiritual evolution led to numerous visions, premonitions and divine guidance based on which he conducted workshops. Many participants in these workshops and mediations noticed gradual improvements in their overall health. So diversified were the experiences that, when encapsulated into individual concepts, led to the formation of numerous spiritual health capsules.

Today, the initial 12 spiritual tablets have increased to over 350 wisdom capsules. These spiritual tablets supplement and complement regular medical practices, thus providing holistic health.

Services Offered

Healthcare & Meditation Services

Meditation Services

A regular session involving guided Ana-apana-sati meditation.

Wellness Services

Pyramind Centers – Dedicated centres to provide in house spiritual healing.

Counselling Services

A centre where counsellor advice can be sought.

Workshop Services

Book clubs, Experience and Wisdom Sharing

Happiness Services

Real happiness is experienced through art forms – Music, Dance, Painting, Sports, etc, along with the wisdom of soul science. HAPPINESS SCIENCE is Meditation + Art Forms.




Years of Experience




Patient Gods
What They’re Saying

My name is Rakesh(changed to protect the individual’s identity) aged 45,suffered with ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE SYNDROME since the year 1999.This syndrome resulted in multiple illnesses, and I was not in proper senses. I would not bathe or sleep for days together. Medication & Yoga did not help in reducing my alcohol consumption which also negatively impacted me, both, socially and financially. On a friend's suggestion, I started to meditate. I, initially could not do even for 10 mins, however, I persisted. Today, it is over 15 years, I am free of alcohol, my health has improved significantly, and I attribute this to the following:
→ Attended Spiritual Tablets' workshop at a nearby pyramid center on viz., 4 obstacles of warrior, 3 types of Dharma’s (Righteous Living), 12 tablets , Traffic signals , Alcoholic / Holistic etc.
→ Diligently participated in the 40 days of intense pyramid meditation and implementation of spiritual tablets.
→ Changed my dietary pattern from a compulsive meat and non-vegetarian diet to a vegetarian. Over a period of six months, observing the above and meditation helped me cure and thus get rid of my addiction.


My name is Chandrika(changed to protect the identity of the individual), aged 42, suffered from severe stomach pain since 2014. I also suffered from migraine, diarrhea, weight loss, malnutrition, excessive vomiting, and insomnia, which resulted in severe anemia finally leading to becoming bedridden. Upon medical examination, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease with multiple diffuse ulcers in the cecum and terminal ileum. Rhe pain was so unbearable that I even tried to commit suicide 4 times. One of my neighbors suggested seeking aid through Spiritual Tablets. Spiritual Tablets enabled me to see the world with love and beauty and gradually I found myself improving. I would attribute the improvements to:
→ Attending Spiritual Tablets workshop, at a nearby pyramid center, on the topic of Arishadvarga (6 Passsions); followed by regular Spiritual Tablets counselling sessions.
→ Meditated intensely for 6-8 hours a day, for a duration of 40 days under a pyramid and implemented Spiritual Tablets recommendations.
→ Experienced many positive change in my thought pattern that healed my body. After a period of 4 years, upon medical examination, I was completely cured from the ulcers.

ChandrikaSevere Stomach Pain

My name is Deepak, (changed to protect the identity of the individual) aged 70, suffered from Myasthenia Gravis since 2012. The symptoms included muscle weakness in arms and limbs, loss of balance while walking, eyelids drooping, double vision, heaviness in head and dizziness. I couldn’t brush my teeth and chew food. The symptoms impacted my day-to-day living, which resulted in depression and thought of committing suicide. My brother-in-law suggested me to do meditation. Spiritual Tablets and meditation gave me a new lease of life and it helped me to align my mind, body, and soul. Following are the reasons that lead to my improvement:
→ Attending Spiritual Tablets counselling sessions on the topics of 12 tablets, followed by Spiritual Tablets counselling sessions.
→ Meditated regularly for 3-4 hours a day and implemented Spiritual Tablets.
→ Over a period of 6 months, my muscle strength improved, and I started walking slowly. After 18 months, there was 80% improvement in my condition.

DeepakMyasthenia Gravis

My name is Lakshmi (changed to protect the identity of the individual), aged 36, had relationship issues with my husband and in-laws. I felt hopeless, depressed and tried to commit suicide, which resulted in injuries to my vertebral column and affected the spinal cord. I became bedridden for several days. One of my aunts suggested me to do meditation. Meditation healed my physical body, and Spiritual tablets healed my soul and empowered me. I would attribute my improvement to”
→ Attending Spiritual Tablets workshop at a nearby pyramid center on the topic of 12 tablets, meditation during full moon days, sessions on 4 obstacles of a warrior, problems and spiritual solutions, daily planning of meditation and reading spiritual books reading.
→ Meditated regularly, diligently, read spiritual books, and involved myself in spiritual service while implementing Spiritual Tablets.
→ Turned a vegetarian. Over a period of 6 months, I felt energetic and hopeful. My relationship with my husband and family members became better.
→ Now I lead a very normal life.

LakshmiRelationship Issues

My name is Sunandha (changed to protect the identity of the individual), aged 42. From the age of 12, I suffered from swelling in my knee joints, joint pains, and insomnia; and found it difficult to work. Upon medical examination, I was diagnosed with Hemophilia disorder, which is factor 8 deficiency in blood (0.98). My knees used to bleed, and I used to bandage my knees and manage the pain with pills. My other knee also got affected. There was apparently no cure for this disorder and my suffering was immense and I felt like committing suicide. One of my friends told me about Spiritual Tablets. Through meditation and Spiritual Tablets, I understood that all my external problems were due to my ignorance and changed myself internally. I am also able to do hard labor daily, and I would like to state that my improvements are due to the following
→ Attending Spiritual Tablets counselling session on the topics of first 6 tablets, reading spiritual books like Dhyana Arogya book, and listened to Patri Sir’s CDs on Bhagavad Gita and Bhaja Govindam and learnt them. Later, I learnt about the topics Traffic Signals; Hard work, Intellect, and Philosophy; True difficulties; social problems; and circulatory forces. This understanding brought about changes to me thought patterns.
→ Meditated regularly with 2x2 knee pyramids, followed ashrama dharma every month for 3-5 days and did full moon meditation, involved myself in spiritual service.
→ The results were so encouraging that I constructed a pyramid and started a health care center at home where many including myself meditate regularly.
→ Converted myself to a vegetarian. After 2 months, the swelling in my knee joints reduced and was able to my do my daily chores without assistance.Within a year, my factor 8 in blood improved (1.38).

SunandhaSwelling in my knee joints, joint pains, and insomnia

I am Prasanna, 35 years, from Vijayawada, India.I was suffering from, Scleroderma- connective tissue disorder, Lung issues related to Irregular reticular lines, interlobular septal thickening and tractional bronchiectasis and also, Hiatus Hernia. Then I came across spiritual tablets wisdom.This wisdom helped me to come out all the my health problems. I followed :
→ Doing intense meditation under the Pyramid for 3 hours daily for 40 days.I was could see the benefit from Pyramid energies and used Pyramid water for consumption. Post that I stopped taking steroids and compensated with regular meditation under pyramid.
→ Additionally I started practicing Music and language development.
→ I specifically implemented Skin lessons (Tiger/ Compound wall lessons).And Lung Lessons to come out of my Lungs issue.

PrasannaLung Issues

My name is Usha (Name changed to protect the identity of individual) aged 45 years. I was suffering from Tubal pregnancy since the age of 32 years. I used to have lots of pain in abdomen, loose motions, blood in stools, lack of appetite and weight loss. After colonoscopy I was diagnosed with ULCERATIVE COLITIS. I used to get dreams of individual / group fecal matter dreams. I came to know about spiritual tablets and meditation. I started pyramid meditation and I got relief from all these problems in 4 months, after 7 months I stopped medicines also. I would attribute my health restoration to the following factors:
→ Followed regular Spiritual Health Counseling and shared experiences.
→ As instructed, I also worked on Arishadvarga (Six Passions, daily programming and major mistakes. As a result, the problems became less frequent. I did intense meditation to overcome the same. Continuing the practice over time I noticed that all problems gradually subsided. Since then, I am doing mediation and spiritual services. After 6 years colonoscopy report was taken, and it had completely cured and my health returned to normal.

UshaTubal pregnancy

I am P.Manikantha from Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. I would like to share the 'Significance of meditation' and how it changed my life.
When I was a child I used to bleed very often as I had the problem of Hemophilia. So, I went to see the doctor. All my blood reports were examined and confirmed that I had the 'Factor 8'. Doctor advised me to be very careful as there was no permanent cure for this problem. At the age of 11, I found swelling in my knees. Even when I walked for a while I got swollen knees and severe pain.
The agony which I had gone through made me despair and think of committing suicide. Fortunately, I met my friend Kiran. After listening to my problem, he told me about Dr. G.K.Sir, Spiritual tablets and the Advantages of meditation. Then I decided to meet Dr G.K.Sir. I went to the R.R.C Centre at Ganjam vari Street, Kakinada. There I met Manohar sir and he informed me the arrival of Dr.G.K. Sir. As soon as sir came to Kakinada, I went and explained him my problem. He gave me a lucid explanation about the significance of Anapanasati Meditation, Vegetarian diet & uses of Pyramids and gave me 2*2 pyramids. When I did meditation as sir said, I got a little relief. After a few days of meditation the swelling was subsided. Within 3 months, the swelling was completely gone. I got a complete cure after 6 years of long meditation and Vegetarian diet. Later the swelling was moved to my hands. Again, I shared this problem to Dr.G.K.Sir. Then he told me to read books and also suggested me how many hours I should meditate. He also advised me to do Spiritual service. On his advice I started DRAKSHARAMA MEDITATION CENTRE. Within a few days the swelling in my hands was disappeared. After this incident, my family and people around us came to understand that we could reduce any disease with the help of the meditation.
Hemophilia is a sever problem which ruins us a lot. Whoever has this condition will suffer a lot. They might go for different treatment methods. But I strongly suggest people to meditate, along with medication. Before I started meditation my Factor 8 level was *merely 0.98% and I bled twice or thrice in a month. But after the meditation the Factor 8 level was tremendously increased to 1.38% and bleeding occures once in two or three years. It is all because of the meditation and the perfect guidance of D.r.G.K.Sir.
I'm very much grateful to all masters and spiritualtablets foundation,who have helped me to come out from this miserable problem. Contact No: 9603305763