Meditation Services

Meditation is the art and science of connecting to the universal consciousness and getting in touch with your inner self. During meditation, we draw in the cosmic energy that flows into us, leaving us with an immense feeling of calmness and relaxation. Ana-pana-sati meditation is a simple and most effective meditation technique. Ana refers to “In-Breath”, Apana refers to “Out-Breath”, and sati refers to “Be With”. Ana-pana-sati meditation is simply focusing on the in-breath and out-breath.

A regular daily routine of meditation helps in uplifting our general well-being, improving our health, relieving stress, and experiencing a deeper connectedness with the universal consciousness. Live a happier, healthier, and fulfilling life with inner peace and harmony. Attend regular guided Ana-pana-sati meditation sessions offered by Spiritual Tablets, followed by knowledge session. Experience the benefits of “Group” and “Full Moon” meditation sessions.

Experience the calmness flowing into your entire day that reflects on different facets of your life like work, relationships, sports, arts, interpersonal, and intrapersonal; improvement in focus and efficiency, change in perception, coming out of limited belief system, and so on.