Dr. Gopala Krishna


Doctor Shankar Gopal Krishna (Dr. GK) from India commenced his Meditation and Spiritual Journey during his medical studies in India, in the year 1994. Initially, he was into prayers and rituals following the family tradition. Having got initiated into Meditation by Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji, (the Founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement); who modified and simplified the process of Meditation to “Observation of our Breath” i.e. our Breathing-In and Breathing-Out process. During the course of the Meditation process Dr. GK derived immense benefits and also its significance in Health Management in the most natural way. He started conducting sessions and spreading these benefits to the rural populace in and around his place of stay. He observed the people deriving Health benefits as a result of the regular Meditation. Dr. GK’s Spiritual master, Brahmashri Pitamaha Patriji coined the great phrase “Spiritual Intellect is the Root and the Physical Health is the Fruit”.

Here one needs to take cognizance of the fact that the Spiritual Intellect is the base which when coupled with regular Meditation, Reading of Spiritual Books and Sharing Experiences with other practitioners, leads to realisation of the causes behind Ill-Health. Grand Pyramid Masters Paul Vijay Kumar, Dr. Newton, Dr. Yugandhar were constantly spreading the benefits of Meditation as an alternative Medication. Realization of Meditation as an Alternative Medicine. Brahmaharshi Pitamaha Patriji says, One can conquer life challenges, health issues just by “Observing and Being aware of their breath”. However, being a qualified Medical Professional Dr. GK found it difficult to agree with this statement. He continued with the practice of his Profession as a Duty Medical Officer. In the year 1999 he participated in a day long Surgery lasting 17 hours which involved a battery of Doctors, support staff and equipment costing a few million rupees. All these just for removing a small tumor from the brain. Looking at this enormous expenditure both in terms of human effort and money, Dr. GK was motivated to put the statement of Brahmaharshi Pitamaha Patriji and that of his mentor Grand Pyramid Master Paul Vijay Kumar and Medical Professionals turned Masters : Dr. Newton, Dr. Yugandhar to test. This led to Creation of the first set of Spiritual Tablets titled the Basic “12 Spiritual Tablets”. Dr. GK continued his Spiritual Journey of Intense Meditation, during the course of which he experienced numerous Divine Guidance, Visions, and Premonitions.

He was also conducting Workshops on the Basic 12 Spiritual Tablets starting with 1 Day Workshops leading to 11 Day Workshops. These workshops were Education of Meditation as a way to improved Health. His experiences during the workshops eventually led to the Observation that a Beneficiary gets some relief with the help of Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and several other medical systems. However, for a complete cure, these medical systems have to be supplemented and complemented with Spiritual Science and Meditation as the Foundation. Dr. GK continued these workshops and applying the Principles of Meditation and Spiritual Science along with the regular Medical Practice. Over the years he observed people deriving Holistic Cure by marrying Spiritual Science, Meditation and traditional Medicines. From the Spiritual Perspective his observations were centered around Understanding the Purpose of Life, Understanding the impact of one’s Past Lives, Understanding how to project themselves towards the future and Understanding the other dimensions. Encouraged by this combination of Spiritual Wisdom and it’s impact on Health, he observed that most illnesses are a combination of our Thoughts (Mind Waves) and the Energy in the Body (Body Waves). Most diseases also are psychosomatic in nature i.e. Psycho means mind and Somatic means body. Thus, it is Important that one realises the simplest way to sound health is a Plant-based diet and Meditation to keep the Mind calm.

Today based on the Beneficiaries sharing their experiences and health improvements, Dr. GK has conceptualised over 350 Wisdom Capsules in the Spiritual Tablets Health Care System.